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Great Live Music

The Rod & Gun is the mid-island premier venue for live shows featuring a large variety of acts from Wednesday to Saturday.

Live Music in Parksville, BC.


Black Flamango is back on Saturday, April 19th from 10PM - 2AM

BLACK FLAMANGO is one of the most diverse, hard working and busy cover bands on Vancouver and the Gulf Islands. From classic to today's rock, groovy blues and much more, BLACK FLAMANGO puts the 'man' back in flamango, the 'ack' back in black, and the David Lee Roth back in Van Halen. BLACK FLAMANGO brings energy and fire to every performance, making Axel Rose look like Ben Stein and Dee Snider look more like Sammy Hagar than he sort of already does.

BLACK FLAMANGO plays modern rock, infusing their sets with blues and funk, playing to their wide and diverse fanbase, and making them jump like Kris Kross and sweat like John Popper. Swing by the Rod and Gun, surround yourself with friends, family, both attractive and un-attractive people and have the time of your life listening to these talented artists.


Shawn Carle: Friday, April 25th from 6:30 to 9PM

Get down here for the Shawn Carle experience...

From the start, Shawn Carle's musical career was destined to unfold like a troubadours tale; No meteoric rise, no airport arrests, no headlines, yet no less legendary. Carles journey into the hearts of those who love his music began in the early eighties.

The obligatory high school talent shows, house party beer bands and UI adventures hallmarked the young Lynn Valley writer's youth. Carle fought hard for chances to showcase himself in an effort to not only master the art of writing a great song, but also refine a natural talent to entertain.

Out of high school, and attending Langara College as an aspiring actor, Carle battled for a breath as the tides of simple survival swirled in. Unhappy and full of youthful stupidity, Shawn dropped out of school and soon floundered. Following in the footsteps of local heroes and influences like Geoff Gibbons And Silverlode, Carle began the first of several love/hate relationships with the fabled North Shores Lonsdale Avenue . Playing rooms like The San Francisco Pizza Department, The Vault and North side Jonnys he began to cement a following of peers. Equally displaced and in need of a good time, the crowd was faithful and fitful. Just as things moved dangerously close to something more than just a great time, The Lower Lonsdale scene collapsed.


Hair Nation!!! - Friday, April 25th from 10PM - 2AM

Remember the good ol days when bands could really tear up a stage and rock?!!!! Well Hair Nation sure does, and these boys definitely know how to rip it up!

hair-nation-2Let's face it. You've already heard of Hair Nation. They're going to be rocking the Rod and Gun and you'd better get ready for an awesome evening with these guys! A little bit about the band:

The Boys In Hair Nation are on a mission of tearing things up and bringing back the good old days where all you needed was a LOUD stereo, a few close Friends, a couple six packs,and some of the best hair bands of the day!!


The Liberty Hounds, Saturday, April 26th 10PM - 2AM


It was summer 2012. Chris Matheson was vacationing in England, taking some time off from the Vancouver Island music scene. Left behind was the last five years of his life playing in a line up that included some of the islands most sought after musicians. One fateful morning in July Chris received a request to put together a band for cruise ship traveling from Florida to the Bahamas . By the end of that day the Liberty Hounds were born. On board were drummer Greg Hartford and singer, guitar slinger Richy Getson. Rounding out the original line up was bassist and singer Lance Lapointe. Within a week the quartette were flying from opposite sides of the world to meet up in Orlando Florida to rock out for months to come aboard the fantastic Monarch of the seas. Over the next year the hounds went through a couple of changes and they would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Lance Lapointe and Mr. Earl Gibson for slapping the bass with them. They truly believe that they wouldn’t be here without either of them. The boys would also like to take this opportunity to introduce the newest hound Mr. Zach Davis on da bass and awesome effects rack !!


Norm Surette and the Boney Finger Band Jam - Sunday, April 27th 2PM - 6PM

Now with 133% more Norm Surette.

On almost every second (and sometimes 4th) Saturday, from 2-6PM, the Rod and Gun is going to try to both knock your socks off with audible authenticity as well as provide you with opportunities for you to bring your musical mustard.

We're continuing our efforts to keep you entertained with juicy live music.  We're going to do this in the format of a Saturday Showcase Jam, a free-form context where local talent has an opportunity to bring their band members together to really shine. This forum will allow both scheduled and spontaneous musicians to play, in a relaxed atmosphere at the Rod and Gun. We're looking for local talent who can deliver serious musicianship and presence. We're also looking for bands and individuals who just want to have a good time.  As a spectator, you couldn't hope for more variety or intrigue.

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